Soul Pressed Poetry

Poetry that comes from our soul.


This site is the poetry I’ve written through so many moments of change. I describe it as a site that charts my emotional landscape through poetry. Most of the poems on this blog site are the first drafts. As I start compiling these poems into a book, I get to take another editorial swing at it. For that reason, my poetry book(s) will still be unique from this site. Same but different. :-)

I am enjoying seeing my poetry evolve over time, so by putting the poems up chronologically, I get to see myself move from a two dimensional expression of life, into a dimension where I get to experience (and give expression to) the unconditional. Yes, this is Love that I write about. Every poem stems from this, and I can only say, the more I love, the less defined life becomes. There is so much scope to this topic.

How to contact me

aly.x (New Zealand)


  1. nice one.

    i will try to keep an eye on it..

  2. woh I like your content , saved to fav! .

  3. I have never come across a website with such depth of soul and wealth of humanity. You are incredibly gifted Aly Titchener. Your site is what bookmarks on web-browsers were invented for.

    This site is a pure diamond amongst the millions of sites out there. I will spend endless hours on here getting acquainted with your works.

    Professionally speaking as a Ecommerce Expert this site is a marvellous achievement! I appreciate the hours you’ve put in with wordpress to put this site together.

    This site has touched me.

    God Bless you and all you endeavours Aly.

    Rob xxx (from England UK)

    • Wow, thanks Rob for your very generous comment, it’s lovely to hear from you and letting me know my poetry touches you (it often feel like I send these echoes out, pulsing into the ether, into the emptiness …. … …). Thanks for taking time to read and respond :-)

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