Soul Pressed Poetry

Poetry that comes from our soul.

can I be your blood (24 March 2011)


you pushed me away
so I closed the door
behind me
  and locked it

you said nothing new to me
I’d heard it all before
I heard it when the door
  was open
and I heard it again
from inside the cage


you know, I took myself
down to the river
I rescued the baby from the reeds
I gave a new life
  to my life

so that I could come be
  your still pond


I didn’t do it
so that you could turn around
and say this is my experience – yours
is coming

I did it to ready me
in the purest way I knew how
to be your sister
and auntie
to the magic of a bean


I want to be there

and say; I remember the day you were born


I want to know my sister
in strength
and in the fierce blood
  of her own

I want to see you belong -
to see you ground your DNA on earth
to meet the part of you
that connects you
  to the mountain

and know
in the shadow of that
majestic belonging

that I also belong


blood is thicker than water
  it is true
      I am not your true blood

which is why, this water I offered
was the sweetest I could
the purest source I could find
and the stillest
  of reflections

to match the blood of yours


this is the blood I share with you


  1. I wrote this poem in response to being *un*invited from my sister’s birthing plan. I so completely respect this decision and where it comes from, but it had a surprising and deep effect on me that I needed to write about it in order to understand the intensity of my emotions.

    • Wow this is incredible, I have actually been un-invited from two births myself! I vaguely share your pain… :)

      • Thanks Anna – yes it’s a crazy mix of strong emotions that don’t feel justified given the context. Hope you were able to find expression in yr own experience. I’m really enjoying yr insightful drawings on yr website!!

  2. Beautifully written and so poignant I felt heartsick reading it. Such complicated things these are. I always wonder why. It feels like they should be easy ….

    I hope writing about it eased the hurt. In any case, the poem is well done.

    Blessings -

    • Thanks Jamie for your lovely words and sentiment. Yes writing about it did help to distill my state of mind and find my state of heart. I find it a lot easier to rest in my state of heart. Perhaps we need these things to prod us back into our heart space..? I dunno really.

      Blessings. Xx

  3. glad to have it out at least, bless you and your kids..

    keep it up,

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