Soul Pressed Poetry

Poetry that comes from our soul.


  1. Great poem, not too complicated. This gave me some ideas. Thanks for letting me read, and keep it up! You are good!

  2. Yes! A good one, but I feel that You can do much more of this poem. There is more into it, deeper….. try to see what you can do????
    Keep it up, You are good.

    • Thanks Magdalena. You’re right, there is more there, but it gets stuck because it starts turning into something overly emotional and thrashed. I remember clearly the low groan sound in my throat as I walked the street, and collapsing into my pain, while still being aware that no one around me would or could notice due to the incredibly bad and cold weather. Let me know if you see a pointer for a next verse… thanks for your helpful feedback. <3

  3. Sorry, I dont know why this happened, but the comment about more being there was ment for your other poem – death meets us.

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