Soul Pressed Poetry

Poetry that comes from our soul.

dear pilgrim (10 Nov 2009)


thank you for your restless spirit
      dear pilgrim
that every day moves you
  as a shooting star
towards Today when we meet
  in Abadiania
so far from any birth place
yet at the centre of our home

Thank you for walking by
      dear pilgrim
thank you for seeing me as a flower
thank you for carrying God’s
  water can
your words are the rain
in one shower you help me grow

and I think this is because
you are walking in every man’s shoes
to feel what he feels
to know when to laugh
and at the end, you complement
  your journey and companions
as a dear brother and sister
brought into your heart

thank you for singing
      dear pilgrim
the journeys of your heart
thank you for sprinkling joy
  into our stories
and playing them back
  pure and angelic
thank you, dear pilgrim, thank you
  for coming into our home

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