Soul Pressed Poetry

Poetry that comes from our soul.

I didn’t win (4 Mar 2010)


and I question
what’s the point of Hope?
I mean, it denies a

perfect moment
for something other than
it is

I thought the perfect
moment looked like
me, an up-shot, a never

heard of before poet
recounting how the
poem was “given”

in meditation a year ago
to beget this perfect moment
- Winning

well, it did beget a perfect
moment – instead – it showed me
my fears in exposing and expressing

it showed me that as long
as I hope for something
other than it is

then I am denying reality
deluding my truth
pampering my illusion

and yet, when I drop Hope
the quality left is not

there is another word
a quality of word

that is without Hope
and without hopeless
without all expectations

yet open to all options

maybe this word
is called Reality
or Perfection

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