Soul Pressed Poetry

Poetry that comes from our soul.

Third eye chakra (15 Feb 2010)


I enter into Marriage
Of course there is a love story
That pre-dates the event

With recognition and clarity

But of greater soul strengthening
Is the journey into facing Everything
Whatever arises can be met

Here in this union. It is the most
Unaccustomed scape of my heart
An emotional expedition into

Mud and dust and grime and sticky cemeteries
I stand in front of a mirror so vast
That the world falls into it

This one man has the capacity
To show me the best and worst
And recognise in my hours of loathing

Or pettiness that you’re not being you
In this moment, but I still love you

It is endless

The love. The awakening. The deeper
And deeper clearing out
Of all that is untrue

We lie down together, willing to meet
This and that and discover
What is really here – it is usually defended

By more anger, hiding from some
Sort of self hatred. It is tiring to indulge it
Or dramatise it, it is softer

To open to it, return to the pain
Where hurt is met without
The addition of our story

(it’s not always easy)

We have chosen a conscious marriage
To discover our raw naked heart
and what is the eternal unhurt love


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